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Switch Popularity Findings

The following document keeps track of the data.It will be updated regularly.

Example repo This repository contains the latest version of the e...

PCB Guide Part 6 - Fill zones, decoration and production

Now that the routing is finished, let's tune the PCB up. Step 11. Ground fills You may remember...

PCB Guide Part 5 - Creating the PCB

Now that the schematic is finished and footprint data has been exported, we can begin with the PC...

PCB Guide Part 4 - The rest of the schematic

By this point, you should have the MCU schematic zone complete. Step 6. The rest of the schemati...

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All the info in one place.

Advanced Info

The real work.

PCB Designer Guide

Learn how to make mech keyboard PCBs.

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Switch Weight Poll

Which weights are popular, both globally and by region?

Alps Info

Alps switch maintenance

Keyset Design

Creating beautiful keycaps.

Keyboard Firmware

All the code.

Case and Plate Design

Physical goodness.

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