Case and Plate Design

Physical goodness.

Plate With SwillKB Builder

The quick and easy method.


WARNING: OUTDATED. For a better tool, please see this page.


  1. Begin by making the layout in Keyboard Layout Editor.
    i-7-iplpn.pngIf you need compatibility cutouts, overlay the various options.
  1. Copy the info from the Raw Data tab into the Plate Layout box at SwillKB Builder.

  2. Select the switch cutout types, stabilizer types, case types, etc.

  3. Press the "Draw My CAD" button to render the plate files.

  4. Download SVG, DXF, or similar. These files can be edited by other programs to perfection.

Kerf Settings for Various Services



Thickness Kerf in mm
3mm 0.2
4.5mm 0.25
6mm 0.26
8mm 0.24


Stainless Steel:

Thickness Kerf in mm
1.5mm 0.15

Switch Dimensions and Physical Specifications

Cherry MX

For specifics, please see the full datasheet

Simplified info (Graphics from datasheet):

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm
    Plate thickness: 1.5mm +-0.1mm
    Distance from Plate top to PCB top = 5mm

  • Keyswitch spacing, typical: 19.05mm (0.75in)
    PCB dimensions as shown
  • Plate dimensions
    General cutout: 14 x 14 mm
    (Levelling mechanism = Stabilizer)


Recovered partial datasheet from Deskthority Wiki

Simplified info (Graphics from datasheet):

  • Plate thickness: 1.2mm
    PCB thickness unspecified (No PCB stabilizers existed)

  • PCB/Plate dimensions
    General plate cutout size: 15.5 x 12.8 mm

Omron B3G-S

Datasheet 1 from Deskthority Wiki
Datasheet 2

Simplified info (Graphics from datasheet):

  • Plate thickness: 1.2mm
    PCB thickness: 1.6mm
    Standard plate cutout: 13.5 x 13.5 mm